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Professional Teeth Cleaning

Professional Teeth Cleaning in Palm Desert, CA

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Professional teeth cleaning is a preventive treatment that removes plaque, tartar, and stains from the teeth. The procedure involves scaling the teeth and polishing them.

Scaling involves scraping off the built-up plaque and tartar from the teeth using an ultrasonic or abrasive tool. Polishing is the process of smoothing the surface of the teeth. 

Why is it necessary?

Cleaning your teeth is essential for proper dental health. Professional cleanings are important for preventing cavities, gum disease, and other oral health problems. Plaque and tartar buildup can result in gum disease, which, if left untreated, can lead to tooth loss. Professional cleanings remove plaque and tartar from your teeth and along the gum line.

The benefits include:

  • Better Breath

Only a dentist or dental hygienist can remove plaque from hard-to-reach places, such as underneath the gum line. This helps to prevent gum disease and tooth decay that can cause bad breath or halitosis. 

  • Prevents Gum Disease

When plaque isn’t properly removed from your teeth, it hardens on the surface of your teeth and turns into tartar. The longer plaque remains on your teeth, the more harmful it becomes. It can lead to gum disease, which can result in tooth loss and jawbone deterioration. A professional tooth cleaning helps reduce the risk of gum disease by removing plaque and tartar from your teeth.

  • Removes Bad Odor

During professional teeth cleaning, a dentist will use special instruments to remove plaque and tartar from your teeth. This not only improves your dental health but can also help remove bad odors. When food particles and bacteria build up on your teeth, they can produce a foul odor. By removing plaque and tartar, you can prevent this odor from developing.

  • Prevents Cavities

Having a dental cleaning appointment every six months can help prevent the onset of cavities. Plaque buildup is removed during the cleaning, and your dentist may also apply fluoride to strengthen your teeth.

  • Whiter Teeth

Once your dentist finishes cleaning your teeth, you will be one step closer to achieving a bright white smile. 

How often must I clean my teeth?

Many people think that they can skip their regular dental cleanings if they practice good oral hygiene at home. This is not the case. Even patients who maintain impeccable oral hygiene routines need professional cleaning. Professional cleanings remove plaque and tartar buildup that cannot be removed at home. The American Dental Association (ADA) recommends professional teeth cleaning once every six months. Patients should schedule professional cleanings more frequently if they have any symptoms or signs of oral diseases such as tooth decay or gum disease.

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What to expect from professional teeth cleaning appointment?

After your dental hygienist has examined your mouth, teeth, and gums, the hygienist will thoroughly clean them. The hygienist uses special tools to remove the plaque and tartar from your teeth. This helps to prevent gum disease. Your teeth will be polished after the cleaning is complete.

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