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Periodontal Maintenance

Periodontal Maintenance in Palm Desert, CA

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What is periodontal maintenance?

Periodontal maintenance is a routine dental cleaning performed to maintain the health of your teeth and gums. It is often referred to as dental cleaning or teeth cleaning, and these appointments typically occur every six months.

This preventive procedure cleans your teeth and gum line to prevent dental issues such as tartar buildup, bad breath, and gum disease.

Why get periodontal maintenance?

At-home oral hygiene is extremely important to preventing tooth decay and gum disease, but dental cleanings are important too. Scheduling regular appointments with your hygienist is the best way to ensure that your teeth remain healthy and bright.

Regular periodontal cleanings are important for preventing periodontal disease. Not only does this cleaning remove debris and plaque, but it also allows your dental team to address the sources of your periodontal disease.

Customizing your periodontal disease treatment plan to your individual needs will help ensure that your oral health is improved and that your gums are as healthy as possible.

How often should I receive periodontal maintenance?

Your dentist will recommend how often you should receive periodontal maintenance therapy based on your individual needs. However, you should typically receive periodontal maintenance every six months.

What are the benefits of periodontal maintenance?

Periodontal maintenance helps control existing periodontal disease. It also helps to stop the progression of the disease. If periodontal disease is left untreated, it can eventually lead to tooth loss.

Periodontal maintenance improves your gum health. During a cleaning, your dentist or hygienist will remove plaque and tartar buildup to prevent gum disease. Regular deep cleanings can help you avoid damage that ranges from minor to severe.

What happens without periodontal maintenance?

Without gum disease treatment, the bacteria in your mouth can attack the gum tissue and break down the gum line. This will eventually expose the roots of the teeth, which can cause intense pain. If gum disease is left untreated, it can lead to tooth loss.

Without periodontal maintenance, the gums can recede, which changes the shape of the patient’s face. When gum tissue recedes, it exposes more of the tooth structure, causing the teeth to appear longer.

What should I expect at my periodontal maintenance appointment?

During your cleaning, a dental hygienist will use specialized tools to clean plaque and tartar off of your teeth. They will also perform a visual inspection of your mouth and teeth to check for any dental problems. If your dentist recommends a dental procedure, they may schedule a separate appointment.

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How do I take care of my teeth and gums between visits?

Your dental team likely gave you very specific instructions to follow at home, such as brushing and flossing. These steps are still necessary and will help to minimize your risk of gum disease. However, there are other things you can do, too.

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