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Expose and Bond for Orthodontics

Expose and Bond for Orthodontics in Palm Desert, CA

Brackets are often used to move teeth into alignment during orthodontic treatment. Sometimes a tooth becomes trapped or buried behind the gums, necessitating surgery to place a bracket on the tooth to move it into place gradually. This is known as an expose and bond technique because an incision first exposes the tooth in the gums, then a bracket is bonded or attached.

With this procedure, the bone that surrounds the tooth may be removed. Once the bracket is attached, a chain is connected and linked to an adjacent tooth or archwire. Typically, the incision is closed, and only the chain protrudes from the surgical site. At Lagos Periodontics & Dental Implants, the orthodontist skillfully sets traction on the wire over time, gradually pulling the tooth into the proper area.

What Is an Impacted Tooth, and Why Does It Occur?

An impacted tooth does not enter the mouth immediately and becomes lodged beneath the gums. A tooth can become affected for various reasons, the most common of which are developmental issues or a lack of room in your mouth owing to the crowding of adjacent teeth.

Why Is It Necessary to Expose Impacted Teeth?

The expose-and-bond treatment is a type of oral surgery that is used to expose an unerupted tooth. The following are the causes of the surgery:

  • If a tooth isn't erupting due to its position in the mouth and it's unlikely to erupt on its own, it's called a stutter tooth.
  • If an unerupted tooth is not moved to its appropriate place, the roots of surrounding teeth may be damaged.
  • Cysts can grow around erupting teeth and cause various health problems.
  • Even if the tooth eventually erupts, it can knock adjacent teeth out of place.

Procedure for Expose and Bond Treatment

Laughing gas and local anesthetic are used for the majority of patients. If the patient wishes to be sleeping, it will be performed under IV sedation in some situations, but this is usually not required for this surgery.

It only takes about some time to expose damaged canines. The time required will be reduced if the process merely requires exposing the tooth without bracketing. The crown of the tooth is exposed during the surgery. Depending on the degree of the impaction, we may use a bracket and gold chain to "pull" the tooth into position, or we may apply a dressing and let it find its way. Because the roots of your canine teeth are the longest, it will take many months for the tooth to be entirely guided into place.

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