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Bar Attachment Denture

Bar Attachment Denture

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Bar attachment denture is a type of denture that is secured to dental implants. It is an option when patients are missing multiple teeth. A bar attachment denture replaces the patient's missing teeth with a dental bridge which is secured in place by four implants. These dental implants are initially inserted into the patient's jaw, where the surrounding bone fuses with the implant to make it a permanent fixture in the jaw.

Since the oral surgeons insert the dental implants toward the front portion of the jaw, where the jawbone is usually thick and dense, even those with jawbone loss towards the rear portion of the mouth too can undergo this procedure. 

Bar attachment denture - Procedure

The process starts with strategically placing the four dental implants into the jaw. Most times, the patients get a temporary prosthetic at the same appointment, allowing them to go home with a fuller smile. Once the gum area heals and the implant fully integrates into the patient's jawbone, the patient will get the permanent bridge. 

Benefits of bar attachment denture

  • Cost-effective: Since bar attachment denture involves placing only four implants, the total cost of the denture is significantly reduced. 
  • Suitable for patients with low bone density: Since the implants are placed in locations towards the front area of the jaw where the jawbone density is high, most patients can undergo this procedure even without a bone grafting. 
  • Faster treatment and healing time: The patient gets their temporary replacement teeth immediately after the implant placement.
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