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Professional Teeth Cleaning In Rancho Mirage, CA

The team at LAGOS Periodontics & Dental Implants, Rancho Mirage, CA, wants you to have a healthy mouth and smile, which is why we offer professional teeth cleanings in our dental office. This treatment removes any buildup from your teeth, allowing them to be smooth and clean when you run your tongue across them. This helps to freshen your breath as well as prevent bacteria from entering the teeth and gums and causing damage over time. People who have severe tartar buildup may need additional treatments such as root planing and scaling as well. These deep cleanings remove the plaque that is hardest to reach with at-home oral health routines. By undergoing scaling and root planing procedures at our Rancho Mirage, CA dental office, you can prevent the onset of dental diseases like gum disease. For more information about which kinds of professional teeth cleanings we perform, call us at (760) 568-3421 today!

Best Dentist In Rancho Mirage, CA, for Professional Teeth Cleaning

When searching for a dentist that offers Professional Teeth Cleaning in Rancho Mirage, CA, it is important to consider the type of dentistry that the clinic offers as well as the credentials of the professional who is performing the treatment. Our dentist Dr. Lagos is a dental specialist who specializes in periodontics and dental implant treatment. This makes his specialization all the more credible and reassuring for patients looking for a dentist to perform their treatments. With this focus comes greater experience and skill as well as a higher standard of care for the patients who are seeking his services.

Patients in the Rancho Mirage, CA, area are invited to call the office or visit the website to schedule an appointment with their experienced and compassionate dentist. Appointments can also be scheduled online for added convenience to new and existing patients alike.

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