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Periodontist in Yucca Valley, CA

The ADA recommends you see a dentist at least once a year for a checkup and professional cleaning, as well as twice-yearly visits for individuals with a high risk of oral diseases. These recommendations are for general dental care and oral hygiene maintenance between appointments. If you need an advanced procedure such as dental implants or surgical periodontal treatment, you should visit the periodontist in Yucca Valley, CA, for treatment. We specialize in treating serious conditions that affect your oral health, including gum disease and missing teeth. A general dentist does not perform these advanced treatments. Only a professional that is trained in periodontology, like our periodontist in Yucca Valley, CA, can offer these procedures to patients.

At Lagos Periodontics & Dental Implants, our periodontist in Yucca Valley, CA, offers various treatments for patients with moderate to severe gum infections and diseases. We use a wide range of tools and procedures to help our patients restore their oral health. Some of the treatments and procedures we offer include dental implants, periodontal scaling & root planning, bone grafts, crown lengthening surgery, and more. Our periodontist in Yucca Valley, CA, will assess your dental health and determine the severity of your situation before recommending the best treatment for you. We aim to provide personalized care for each patient to ensure that they receive the most effective treatment for their needs.

Your healthy smile is our top priority! We want to help our patients obtain and maintain a beautiful and healthy smile. For more information about our periodontist in Yucca Valley, CA, contact us today.

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