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Periodontist in Idyllwild CA

Seeing our periodontist in Idyllwild CA, for your dental care needs, you can ensure that your oral health is cared for by a specialist who is trained specifically in this area of dentistry. This can help ensure the best possible outcomes for your smile. At our practice, we see patients of all ages, from children to seniors. We also welcome patients with gum disease as well as those who are at high risk for gum disease. This includes those with a family history of periodontal disease, tobacco use, systemic diseases such as diabetes, and women who are pregnant.

Procedures Periodontist in Idyllwild CA Performs

These may include surgical and nonsurgical procedures like:

Bone grafting: When a patient’s bone is seriously damaged, the periodontist in Idyllwild CA may need to graft new bone tissue onto the affected site. This procedure may be done in conjunction with implant placement or as a stand-alone treatment.

Crown lengthening: This procedure is usually done in order to expose more of a patient’s tooth structure. This may be necessary if a crown or filling has been placed and there is not enough tooth structure to support it.

Gum disease therapy: The periodontist in Idyllwild CA can perform both surgical and nonsurgical gum disease treatments. In many cases, surgery is needed if the damage is too severe for less invasive methods to be effective. When patients undergo flap surgery, the periodontist will carefully lift away healthy tissue so that they can access the area below the gum line. They will remove bacteria and repair any damage before suturing back the patient’s gums.

Soft tissue grafts: These procedures may be performed for a variety of reasons. For example, if a mouth has suffered from heavy tooth loss, the periodontist in Idyllwild CA will need to use soft tissue grafts to help restore lost gum tissue. In some cases, this may also be necessary after oral cancer treatments.

Patients may benefit from seeing a periodontist in Idyllwild CA for these and many other reasons. 

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